Benefits of an ESA Letter

We aim to provide you with legitimate ESA letter. An ESA letter is the only way to live a
hassle-free life. Benefits Of An ESA Letter include

Hassle-Free Living
According to the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1998, there are no extra charges or special deposits that can be levied on you if you have an ESA letter. The only thing you need to take care of is the behaviour of your ESA.
Make Travel Easier
Travelling with a pet can often be a stressful experience. This applies to both you and your pet. Under the Air Access Carrier Act, you can not be denied to fly with your animal just because you are travelling with an animal.
Live A Better Life
For people who are suffering from any kind of emotional or mental health disorder, an ESA is a known effective treatment option. Living with a pet even generally is known to help with loneliness, anxiety, and depression

How Does An ESA provide You With Emotional Support?

It is a well-known fact that pets play a pivotal role in taking care of your mental and emotional needs. People who have pets usually end up living healthier, longer and much calmer lives than the people who don’t have one. When you have an emotional or mental disability the need for these qualities amplifies.

An ESA you with all this and more simply by existing in your life. Your pet provides you with the tools required to manage anxiety, depression and any other illness that may befall you.

With an ESA letter, you have laws that protect you and your ESA. The two important facets of an ESA are the protection extended under Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1998 and Air Access Carrier Act.

What Is An ESA Letter?

An ESA letter is a recommendation made by a licensed mental health profession
which states that you need the pet as an assistance to go about your
day in a normal manner.

The letter implies that you need your pet around to take care of emotional
needs that are unmanageable due to a number of known and
unknown triggers.

How Do You Qualify For A Letter

For someone to be eligible for an emotional support animal letter, a mental health professional needs to suggest that you require a pet to manage your emotional and mental needs. The qualifying conditions are stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

But you can venture beyond those preset conditions if you have a disability that hinders your ability to perform the most basic of tasks due to a sudden fear or phobia, then you are eligible to get an ESA recommendation. The most important thing that you need to do is ensure you talk to a mental health specialist to get a clearer picture about the process of applying for an ESA.


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ESA Vs Service Animals

There are some glaring differences that exist between service dogs and ESA’s. Service animals are trained to perform tasks for patients suffering from some kind of disability. Things like fetching and crossing a road are all taught to the dog. Additionally, they also require social skills along with impulse control abilities. 

In contrast, ESAs are companions that help people manage their emotional and mental well being. 

These animals are not just dogs but rather any kind depending on the patients choice. They are not required to be trained and all you need is a valid recommendation from a mental health professional

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